The Joint-Stock Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Halkbank" in the era of the Revival of a new era of a powerful state under the wise leadership of the Esteemed President, continuously conducts large-scale activities to increase the number of non-cash transactions.
Currently, the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Halkbank" has equipped about 8 thousand modern terminals in trade and service points and issued more than 554 thousand "Altyn asyr" bank cards into circulation.
The Joint-Stock Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Halkbank" informs that conducting non-cash transactions at any time is convenient, reliable, fast, and encourages citizens to pay in non-cash form through terminals installed in Ashgabat and in all branches of the bank in the districts.
The convenience of payment via termanals is as follows:
In the joint-stock commercial bank of Turkmenistan "Halkbank“ and in all its branches, you will be able to make the following types of payments in cashless form using your bank cards:
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