History of the bank
“Halkbank” – is a national bank, cooperation with us is beneficial for you.
Joint-stock commercial bank “Halkbank” of Turkmenistan is a national bank, which continues its activity from the 20s of the last century to these days.
With a rich history and many years of experience, this bank is one of the reputable banks of our country providing high quality bank services to the population.
As is known in 2001 according to the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan the Savings bank of Turkmenistan was renamed to the State commercial bank of Turkmenistan “Halkbank” and became the legal successor.
It is no coincidence that bank was renamed into “Halkbank” because it was and remains the national bank.
“Halkbank” services various categories of citizens of our country, both the advanced age and younger generation of the era of power and happiness, as well as cooperates with enterprises of various forms of ownership and private entrepreneurs.
Today it is enough to look at prehistory of savings activities in Turkmenistan in order to understand, correctly evaluate and predict activity of the “Halkbank”.
The first saving bank was opened on 4 august, 1923 in our country.
With the help of savings banks were accepted deposits from population, were carried out operations to issue loans as collateral for government borrowed bonds, as well as transfers, debits, letters of credit and other operations.
Subsequently savings banks began to open throughout Turkmenistan.
From January 1, 1941, was operated 419 savings banks on the territory of Turkmenistan.
With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, savings banks played an important role in financing the country’s military needs.
Approximately one-sixth of military spending was covered by loans issued by savings banks.
With the help of savings banks, funds and valuables collected from the population of Turkmenistan were transferred to defense and military funds.
In 1963, the savings banks were transferred to the department of the State Bank.
After the banking reform of 1988, in result of which was formed a two-tier system of banks (the Central Bank and specialized banks), the state savings banks from a specialized state bank for servicing the population and legal entities turned into a Savings Bank.
By the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan on April 30, 1993, the Turkmen Republican Bank of the Savings Bank of the USSR was transformed into the Savings Bank of Turkmenistan, and in 2001 was renamed into the State Commercial Bank of Turkmenistan “Halkbank”.
In the era of prosperity of our state JSCBT “Halkbank” confidently continues its activities, successfully implementing numerous projects.
Today JSCBT “Halkbank” remaining one of the largest well-known financial institutions in the country satisfies the needs for banking services not only for Turkmen citizens, but also for foreign clients.